7 inch HDMI LCD monitor with touch button and USB charge Vcan1427


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7-inch Digital LCD monitor with HDMI input and touch button, USB for mobile phone charge Vcan1427

7 inch HDMI touch monitor with USB ??


Bracket display (with HDMI and USB charging interface)
Display size: 7 inches
Display format: 16: 9
Display devices: 7-inch digital TFT-LCD
Resolution: 800 x RGB x480 pixels
Brightness: 280
Contrast: 350
Power supply: 12V (can be changed to 24V)
Power consumption: 4W
Using a new A-7-inch LCD digital screen;
Display MST program; HDMI is RTD program
Two AV inputs
Touch the button, the shell over UV
HD HDMI input support 1920 * 1080
PAL / NTSC system automatically switch
Supports languages such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian and other languages
(USB cannot play a picture or movie.)


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7 inch monitor with HDMI input

7-inch monitor with HDMI input

7 inch HDMI monitor with 2 av input

7-inch HDMI monitor with 2 av input

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