transmitter wireless video modulator uav



transmitter wireless video modulator uav

cofdm transmitter wireless video modulator uav micro hdmi nols module HD-sdi receiver

cofdm transmitter wireless video modulator uav micro hdmi nols module HD-sdi receiver

cofdm transmitter wireless video modulator uav micro hdmi nols module HD-sdi receiver

transmitter wireless video modulator uav

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COFDM Transmitter Wireless Video Modulator UAV Micro HDMI NOLS module modulator HD
COFDM wireless video audio transmission system advantages:
1.Long range transmission distance
2.Real-time transmission systems
3.Delay time very short less than 500ms
4.Perfect image quality, brighter colors and image smoothness. (we will support video to demonstration it if you sent inquiry)
Product Features:
1. RF Transmission Power 200mW

(If you need 1W or 5W, please check CODM-902T.)

2.Extreme lightweight and rugged housing
3.Vibration and shock resistant
4.Applied COFDM modulation, MPEG-2 / H.264 compression
5.Small dimensions
6.Perfect for mobile applications
7.High quality of video transmission, no mosaic, no dragging phenomenon, stable power with adjustable dynamic power;

8.Support NLOS transmission, strong diffraction capability

HD/FHD video with HDMI DV input, encoder and high power level RF wireless transmission for TX system

High sensitive RF receiver and HD/FHD video output by HDMI/TVout to screen monitor or USB to mobile phone, MID and other smart terminal for RX system

Superior system performance:

  • COFDM modulation and demodulation;

  • Best Doppler performance: moving speed > 150km/H;

  • Best Multipath fading, ACS for interference Rejection;

  • High sensitivity: -93dBm for FHD; -100dBm for HD;

  • Flexible TX power up to 30dBm. Typ. 25dBm;

  • ISM900MHz (902MHz~928MHz) frequency band (default);

  • Wide frequency scalability (70MHz~1450MHz);

  • 6MHz channel BW (default); Configurable to 2~8MHz;

  • Wide application and convenient and flexible;

  • Unlimited amount of receiver at the same time;

  • Super long distance wireless transmission: >2km

  • Lower video transmission delay: <300ms

  • Video format: H.264 up to [email protected] and 1080p @30fps;

  • Encryption solution for private and authorized to access;

  • RX system can support Android and iOS;

  • Power supply: 5V for TX and RX system;

  • Low power consumption:

TX: 5W for 25dBm output; 7.5W for 30dBm output;

RX: 1.8W;

  • Simply user interface; Compatible to different DV input;

  • Ultra small board size:

TX: 54 mm (L) x 41 mm (W) x 12 mm (H);

RX: 97 mm (L) x 67mm (W) x5 mm (H);


Drone, FPV, UAV;

Live video sharing, Movie maker;

Wireless surveillance;

Skyscraper elevator;

Highways and railways;

City, harbor, airport, MRT;

Outdoor concert;

Crane, Rescue;

Rural area disaster,

Energy pipeline

Electric power transmission

Offshore operation


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 100 × 200 × 100 cm


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